Halal Mini Buffet Catering For 15 pax

Halal Mini Buffet Catering For 15 pax 2017-06-21T02:58:50+00:00

Thanks for your interest.

We serve the following food in our Halal Mini Buffet Catering For 15 pax:

Chicken Curry
Chicken Masala
Chicken Soup
Chicken Tomato Sauce (Masak Merah)
Chicken Padang Style (Lemak Chilli Padi)
Chicken Rendang (Balinese Style)
Chicken Berlado (Indonesian Style)
Chicken Fried with Lemongrass (Kampong Style)
Chicken Stirfry with Tumeric (Boneless)
Chicken Black Pepper (Boneless)
Chicken Tomyam
Fish Curry
Fish Assam Pedas ++
Fish Padang Style
Fish Kicap (Black Sauce)
Fish Sambal
Fish Berlado
Fish Sweet & Sour Sauce (Boneless)
Fish Thai Sauce (Boneless)
Beef Curry
Beef Masala
Beef Soup
Beef Rendang ++
Beef Black Pepper

Note that not all food are available but we will be glad to answer any of your queries. Feel free to contact us for catering details.